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Some say you cannot love another before you learn to love yourself: Tinx will teach you how to do both at the same time. And she’ll do it while making you laugh out loud.

With THE SHIFT, Tinx guides readers to a new way of thinking about life, love, happiness, and friendships—where dating evolves into an era of self-discovery and not just a means to an end, where sharing wisdom becomes a collective power, and where chaos turns into a source of creativity. Making small but mighty shifts in thinking can be a tool for personal growth that fuels you instead of fatigues you. The point is not to get to the end unscathed. The point is to know yourself, discover what fulfills you, and have fun along the way. With hilarious personal anecdotes—from the good to the bad—Tinx demonstrates how we can all learn to transform our approach to decision-making and relationships. For example, stop spiraling over some guy and worrying, “How do they feel about me?” Take a moment to ask yourself, “How do they make me feel?”

From lessons on how to dump with dignity to changing your scarcity mindset to understanding the Box Theory, this guide to simple but counterintuitive mental shifts will completely reframe your inner narrative, and help you better understand how to step into your power and own self-worth.

“If there’s one thing I learned from dating and relationships in my 20s, it’s that this period in women’s lives needs a major rebrand: from a fear-based mindset to an empowering era that focuses on self-discovery, the power of female friendships, and figuring out what brings you joy. I wish I could go back in time and escape the trap of losing sleep over guys who should not have had any say over my self-worth. I can’t time travel, but I can help others avoid the same mistakes. The Shift presents everything I’ve learned to change your perspective and live a fulfilling life.”

Christina Najjar, popularly known as Tinx, is a lifestyle creator, advice expert and podcast host. Tinx’s wit and candor have established her as a resounding voice for women, with her uniquely engaging and empathetic approach to content resonating with millions. From her satirical “Rich Mom” content and

takes on pop culture, to her theories on sex, dating and relationships, and her honest reviews and recommendations of everything from food and restaurants to beauty, fashion and lifestyle
products, Tinx possesses an effortless ability to capture the cultural zeitgeist. Tinx has cultivated a devoted fanbase of those who come for her expert advice, often given with her famous mini mic in hand, and to have a great laugh at the same time. In 2022, Tinx launched her podcast and live call-in radio show with SiriusXM, It’s Me Tinx, sharing everything her followers have come to know and love about her content while offering an intimate glimpse into her life. Tinx’s undeniable impact on social media earned her the distinction as one of Forbes’ Top Creators of 2022.